tc Featured on TechCrunch Front Page !

Today got featured with Itoa and Golem in Ben Dickson’s article How blockchain can create the world’s biggest supercomputer The article report on the disruptive potential of using blockchain technology to decentralize Cloud infrastructure. Thanks to computing resource providers will be able to monetize their servers, applications, and datasets directly on the blockchain.


Blockchain meets BigData: Some Perspectives on Scientific Datasets Preservation.

Dr Gilles Fedak presented Active Data and some perspectives on using blockchain for scientific data set preservation: December 2, in Paris at the Research Task Force MaDics (Big Data, Informations and Knowledge in Sciences), organized by the CNRS. The 1st workshop on Scientific Datasets Preservation (PREDON). December 8, in Lyon at the CS Labs Federation[…]

logo-hec-paris participation to the Blockchain App panel, Paris-Saclay Invest, HEC Paris.

On December 1st, Gilles Fedak will participate to the Paris-Saclay Invest at the HEC campus. The famous HEC business school  has strong prestige in France and abroad, and is notably ranked second best BS in Europe according to the London Business School in the Financial times.  The event Paris-Saclay Invest aims at bringing together innovative startups from the plateau Paris-Saclay[…]