A walk through iEx.ec demo app

A walk through iEx.ec demo app Be the first to experience the power of iEx.ec’s distributed cloud Welcome to the demo of the iEx.ec’s blockchain-based cloud. We have created a distributed application (DApp) that you can use to trial our technology today. It’s called VanityGen and is available here. https://medium.com/iex-ec/a-walk-through-iex-ec-demo-app-3a39316b3c36#.z75fqke7n Reddit discussion: A walk through iEx.ec[…]

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We’ll be participating at BePositive exhibition in March 8-10

La SBA partenaire du salon BePOSITIVE ! BePOSITIVE, le salon de la performance énergétique et environnementale des bâtiments et territoires Evolution des marchés, décloisonnement des métiers et des filières, exigences environnementales… Un des grands rendez-vous de la performance des bâtiments et des territoires :500 exposants, 30 000 professionnels. De vraies valeurs ajoutées par le leadership sur les énergies[…]


iEX.ec featured in themerkle.com

iEX.ec Introduced Blockchain-based Distributed Cloud Computing iEx.ec presented a working demo of the world’s first distributed cloud computing network at the European Ethereum Conference EDCON this week. The French startup aims to be the first to market with a new technology that uses blockchain smart contracts to redesign cloud computing. Full article:https://themerkle.com/iex-ec-distributed-cloud-computing/ Reddit discussion thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/iexec/


iEx.ec application deployment

Following the EDCON conference, we continue our series of articles to introduce the technology behind the iEx.ec Blockchain-based Distributed Cloud. The XtremWeb-HEP being introduced in previous posts, this article presents the Application Deployment. More:https://medium.com/iex-ec/iex-ec-application-deployment-124a2c91b2c5#.l19k2oclj


iExec@EDCON #2: Understanding iEx.ec security

iExec@EDCON #2: Understanding iEx.ec security In this series of articles we present the technology behind the iEx.ec Distributed Cloud. In the previous article we discussed the architecture. This article will introduce our security considerations. It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with the architecture and the main principles of the system as described in[…]


Blockchain and distributed computing at the service of reducing the environmental footprint

The Avalon research team, a joint team between Inria, CNRS, ENS de Lyon and the University Lyon1, in collaboration with the start-up Stimergy, is proposing a new distributed Cloud approach. This approach notably opens up prospects in the field of optimising the use of data centers with a reduction in their environmental footprint. More :[…]


iEx.ec is featured in Forklog.com article

“Th Distributed Cloud, an inevitable step to IoT” The article is in Russian : Децентрализованный суперкомпьютер: неизбежный шаг на пути к Интернету вещей Reddit discussion : https://www.reddit.com/r/iexec/comments/5tsfed/iexec_is_featured_in_forklogcom_article/

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iExec@EDCON #1: Understanding the iEx.ec Architecture

In preparation for the EDCON conference, we present a series of articles to introduce the technology behind the iEx.ec Blockchain-based Distributed Cloud. The previous article drawn the big picture of iEx.ec. This article introduces the technology we use: XtremWeb-HEP, a middleware that allows to use many machines on the Internet to execute distributed applications. https://medium.com/iex-ec/iexec-edcon-1-understanding-the-iex-ec-architecture-645c10f99e51#.tkwgswo1x


iEx.ec @ EDCON #0 : ten steps to understand the technology behind the Ethereum decentralized cloud

In preparation for the EDCON conference, we present a series of articles to introduce the technology behind the iEx.ec Blockchain-based Distributed Cloud. We first introduce the goal of iEx.ec by drawing the big picture from the technology point of vue. https://medium.com/iex-ec/iex-ec-edcon-0-ten-steps-to-understand-the-technology-behind-the-ethereum-decentralized-cloud-d1f4ba233643#.y5u26t4e3 Reddit discussion thread: iEx.ec @ EDCON #0 : ten steps to understand the technology[…]