Iexecnetworkvirtualization Network Virtualization

To introduce the technology behind the Blockchain-based Distributed Cloud, this article presents the network virtualization, written by Oleg Lodygensky. belongs to the well known paradigm of global computing platforms that implement a three tier architecture, where a set of centralized services are instantiated and reachable through an Internet connection by decentralized services: the[…] at EDCON, Paris 2017

It was a pleasure to attend the EDCON, the Europan Ethereum community conference and we’d like to thank organizers of the event : Linktime, Asseth, Chaintech and ESCP Business School who hosted the event on February 17 and 18, 2017 in Paris. We had the perfect occasion to present our latest developments and Proof-of-Concept, meet new[…]

Inriabusinessclub joins Inria Alumni Business Club

Inria, known also as the inventors for the digital world, entrusted the creation of Inria Business Club to his alumni in the aim of enriching relationships, sharing experiences and contributing to development & innovation with Technology companies. is proud to announce his collaboration with this club. Inria Business Club