iExec Crowdsale Results and Kickoff Budget

This post reports on what the iExec team is going to do with the funds they raised and the RLC tokens they own. Results of the Crowdsale The iExec crowdsale opened on April 19, 13:00 UTC and ended at 15:45. During those 2 hours 45 mins it collected: 2,761.761 BTC and 173,886 ETH. At the[…]


How to handle your RLC tokens ?

If you’re new to crypto-currencies, you will discover that it’s easy and fun to manage digital assets (« tokens »). New tools like Metamask, Etherscan, or MyEtherWallet now open access to a reasonably comfortable user experience. For the moment, there is no special need for a dedicated RLC token management app, but this could be done very[…]


The Day After The Crowdsale

The day after the crowdsale finished, iExec will kickoff. It means that fund will be spent to ensure a rapid growth. The iExec team is committed to provide the best level of transparency, while preserving investors, trade and industrial secrecy. This post covers our transparency policy with regards to progress update, budget allocation, team vesting.[…]

Chengdu Meetup in Chengdu

On 9th April the Chinese iExec team went to Chengdu, the final destination in our mini tour of China’s capital cities. Dr. Haiwu He, co-founder of iExec, gave a lecture about the project in detail and talked about the forthcoming ICO launch on 19th April. Blockchain fans were able to learn about our vision of[…]


A New Era of Cloud Computing is a new decentralized cloud computing platform that is blockchain-based. It aims to tackle the current limitations of centralized cloud computing that are holding business and innovation back. A decentralized cloud connects users to one another, whether server providers, application providers, data providers or end users. All manner of business can be executed on[…]

shenzhen4 Shenzhen Meetup

On April 8th, the Chinese team went to Shenzhen and met more than 90 blockchain fans there. It was an excellent meetup and people showed a good deal of  interest in our distributed cloud project. Dr. Haiwu He, co-founder of, gave a lecture about the project’s in detail and outlined plans for its[…]

openzeppelin RLC Token Audit and Security Review by Open Zeppelin

The team asked Open Zeppelin to review and audit the new RLC token contract code. Manuel Aráoz (editor of Open Zeppelin) and his whole team looked at our contracts and now published the results. The audited contracts are at their iExecBlockchainComputing/rlc-token GitHub repo. The version used for this report is commit 3d9aa99ba33bb035c59740a621b1f21cd45cbac5. The main contract files are[…]


Epicenter video interview with Gilles Fedak

Epicenter TV is a podcast hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture and Meher Roy about the technologies, projects & people driving decentralization and the global blockchain revolution. Every week, they find the most interesting people in the industry for in-depth discussions about their projects, ideas and stories. Gilles Fedak, co-founder of, is among of these interesting people.[…]


Understanding the Crowdsale Smart Contract has released the source code for the smart contract that manage the RLC token crowdsale. The Smart contract has been audited by OpenZeppelin, a reference in security audit. The review is publicly available and can be read on their medium blog. The analysis did not show severe or critical vulnerabilities and all recommandations[…]