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Gilles Fedak will give a keynote speech at France Digitale Day 2017

Gilles Fedak’s upcoming keynote is entitled “Disrupting the VC model : how to raise $12MM in 3 hours”. There will be 2000 participants, More than 150 professional investors, a hundred journalists and 200 ‘speed datings’. It’s a really nice opportunity to present the project and grab some useful contacts for further high-quality partnerships!  […]


IEXEC White Paper Quote #3 : Why now

This quote is from IEXEC White Paper (p. 8). 5. Why now Convergence of several trends has created the optimal business environment for a distributed Cloud infrastructure. First, the emergence of blockchain Proof-of-work tokens of value has resulted in vast pools of computing resources that are optimised to seek the highest return on investment, providing ample resources[…]


IEXEC White Paper Quote #2 : traditional computing infrastructure challenges

This quote is from IEXEC White Paper (p. 5). It’s about traditional computing infrastructure challenges. 3.2 Traditional computing infrastructure challenges The existing Clouds cannot fulfill the requirements of DApps that need fully decentralized infrastructures for their execution. Meanwhile, there is a growing demand for computing power from industries and scientific communities to run large applications and process[…]


IEXEC White Paper Quote #1 : blockchain computing challenges

The following quote is from IEXEC White Paper (p. 5). It’s about blockchain computing challenges : 3.1 Blockchain computing challenges Blockchains like Ethereum offer a new approach to run decentralized applications; often called DApps in this context. Ethereum allows programmers to write smart contracts – code which is executed on the blockchain virtual machine. This[…]

whitehat Development Letter #6

Hello and welcome to the IEXEC bi-weekly development letter. Today, we’ll report on the Parity multisig hack and give some perspective on research & development. The day we lost 120K ETH… On Jul-19–2017 06:35:06 PM, I received an automatic notification email from that was signaling some activity on the Ethereum multisig wallet, where the IEXEC[…]