Dana Edwards inquiring into AI and blockchain

Dana Edwards have been giving few days ago his insight about here. Today, he’s raising an interesting question about AI and blockchain : “The brave new world of AI, when is it coming to the blockchain?” Source :

devel3 Development Letter #3

Welcome to the iExec development letter #3, where every two weeks, we report on our activities. We’re giving you updates on the team, and the software development. We’re still looking for the best talents to join our team. Ux/UI graphic designer Senior full stack developer with experience in javascript, NodeJS, react, python Lead Java-Cloud developer[…]


An interview of Haiwu He

Prof. Dr. Haiwu HE is a 100 Talent Professor at the CNIC (Computer Network Information Center), Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. He is a Chunhui Scholar of Ministry of Education of China since 2013. Prof. Haiwu HE received his M. Sc. and Ph. D. degrees in computing from the University of Sciences and Technologies of[…]

1-w2c8FBWB943z-LTeZb5EIQ API now Open Source (minimalistic version)

We’re open sourcing the initial version of the iExec application interface for Ethereum Dapps developpers. These are solidity contracts that allow developers to submit off-chain task execution. We gave two examples of applications that can be built with the API : VanityGen : a vanity bitcoin address generator Stockfish : an off-chain artificial intelligence engine You are invited[…]

devel2 Development Letter #2

Welcome to the bi-monthly iExec development letter! What have we done those past 15 days: organizing, recruiting, and releasing. Project Management Execution is key to success, and development is not a scalable process per se. All developers know that organization is key, and good project management procedure should be implemented as early as possible. Mircea[…]


Enabling off-chain artificial intelligence for Ethereum with

What is Artificial Intelligence ? Artificial Intelligence is commonly understood as the capacity for a machine or a system to mimic a human-like intelligence through cognitive processes like “learning” and “problem solving”. In the field of computing, the technologies closest to this paradigm are machine learning and deep learning. However, more generally, AI represents the ability[…]


How Can Blockchain Improve Cloud Computing ?

There is a growing demand for computing power from scientific communities and industries to run large applications and process huge volumes of data. The computing power to run Big Data application is most often provided by HPC and Cloud infrastructures. Blockchains like Ethereum offer a new approach to run distributed applications. Ethereum allows programmer to[…]

Devel Letter Development Letter #1

Communication is key for project’s success and is even more important when such a great community is involved in the project development. For this, we decided to keep the iExec community informed on the current status of the project by a bi-weekly letter. As, you may imagine, we were pretty busy the first days after[…]


iExec Crowdsale Results and Kickoff Budget

This post reports on what the iExec team is going to do with the funds they raised and the RLC tokens they own. Results of the Crowdsale The iExec crowdsale opened on April 19, 13:00 UTC and ended at 15:45. During those 2 hours 45 mins it collected: 2,761.761 BTC and 173,886 ETH. At the[…]