iEx.ec Development Letter #6

Hello and welcome to the IEXEC bi-weekly development letter. Today, we’ll report on the Parity multisig hack and give some perspective on research & development. The day we lost 120K ETH… On Jul-19–2017 06:35:06 PM, I received an automatic notification email from etherscan.io that was signaling some activity on the Ethereum multisig wallet, where the IEXEC[…]


How can Blockchain Improve Cloud Computing ?

There is a growing demand for computing power from scientific communities and industries to run large applications and process huge volumes of data. The computing power to run Big Data application is most often provided by HPC and Cloud infrastructures. Blockchains like Ethereum offer a new approach to run distributed applications. Ethereum allows programmer to write smart contracts,[…]


Introducing iEx.ec New Logo !

We asked Pixelmatters, a famous web agency to help us rebrand the project. Pixelmatters did an amazing job. They really were able to capture the essence of iexec, and summarize its identity with a simple, slick and shiny logo. The logo reflects following aspects of the project: Distributed Network; Interaction; “Create new things”; Knowledge (company main[…]


iEx.ec Development Letter #5

In this bi-weekly level letter, we are happy to propose a new article that goes deeper in the technology behind the iExec Blockchain-based Distributed Cloud. This article presents the iExec Docker container management. Introduction In a previous article, we introduced the iExec paradigm of “provider’s sharing” and focused on virtual machine (VM) management as first use case. In this article[…]


Dr. Haiwu He at LIAMA 20th Anniversary

Cooperation between China and Europe is an exciting aspect of the project. Dr. Haiwu gave a talk at the 20th anniversary of LIAMA (the Sino-European Laboratory in Computer Science, Automation and Applied Mathematics) On July 11-12, 2017, the 20th anniversary of LIAMA (the Sino-European Laboratory in Computer Science, Automation and Applied Mathematics) was held in Lecture Hall[…]


iExec joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Press Release: iExec, the distributed cloud platform for the future internet is joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance today. July 11, 2017, Lyon France — The distributed cloud computing platform, iExec is joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) seeks to augment Ethereum, enabling it to serve as an enterprise-grade technology, with research and development focused on privacy, confidentiality,[…]


iEx.ec Development Letter #4

Welcome to the bi-weekly iExec Development Letter ! Brings you fresh news from the front line: the team gets stronger and stronger, more code release, and a surprise at the end of the letter! This is the code from the Smart contract that bridges Ethereum and XtremWeb-HEP. Get it from Github. The Team Hamid and Mehdi are[…]


How to buy/sell RLC tokens ?

At iExec, we’re building a global marketplace for computing resources. iExec will enable everyone to monetize their apps, servers and data through the blockchain. A view of RLC/BTC market on Liqui.io on last 24h RLC is the native token that will fuel iExec network. In a near future, you may need to acquire RLC tokens to use[…]


Dana Edwards inquiring into AI and blockchain

Dana Edwards have been giving few days ago his insight about iEx.ec here. Today, he’s raising an interesting question about AI and blockchain : “The brave new world of AI, when is it coming to the blockchain?” Source : https://steemit.com/blockchain/@dana-edwards/the-brave-new-world-of-ai-when-is-it-coming-to-the-blockchain