iExec is ready for Devcon 3

Devcon 2 in Shanghai was an important moment for iExec. Gilles Fedak presented the project for the first time ever, and we received a warm welcoming from the community. This time, Devcon 3 will be in Cancun, Mexico, and the iExec team is ready and excited to be part of it. (…) Read the full[…]

iExec Dev. Letter #9

“This developer letter #9 introduces the first release of the iExec Explorer, and presents our new hires. We also take the opportunity to answer the recent concerns our community has brought to us. (…)” Read the Dev. Letter on our blog    


RLC Giveaway

To celebrate the France Digitale Day 2017, we’re pleased to offer you some RLC tokens. If you’re not familiar with Ethereum, we advise you to download Jaxx Mobile Wallet. When you have an Ethereum address, please fill out this RLC giveaway form to receive your free RLC. You will receive an email and your tokens in[…]

Partnership with Request

Last week we expressed our wishes to see the ecosystem collaborate in order to bring more value to the end user and already started working with other projects (see Blockchain bricks, 0x, civic, aragon article). We are pleased to announce a partnership with the iExec team. This partnership will be mutually beneficial. First, what is iExec? iExec[…]


Jaxx Wallet now supports RLC tokens!

8th September 2017 – Toronto Today Jaxx is excited to announce support for the iExec token, RLC, in the Jaxx ecosystem. iExec is a Blockchain-based Distributed Cloud that will allow on-demand, secure and low-cost access to powerful distributed computing infrastructures. Simply, the iExec platform collects underutilized computer resources from across the internet to execute very[…]


2017 Chinese summer recap

  In July, Dr. Haiwu He participated in the blockchain Summit and also at LIAMA’s birthday ceremony, an academic event focused on scientific cooperation between Europe and China. In August, Dr. Haiwu He gave a keynote speech at the Shanghai Global Blockchain Summit. Julien also attended the conference to meet various potential partners including exchanges[…]