A walk through iEx.ec demo app

A walk through iEx.ec demo app Be the first to experience the power of iEx.ec’s distributed cloud Welcome to the demo of the iEx.ec’s blockchain-based cloud. We have created a distributed application (DApp) that you can use to trial our technology today. It’s called VanityGen and is available here. https://medium.com/iex-ec/a-walk-through-iex-ec-demo-app-3a39316b3c36#.z75fqke7n Reddit discussion: A walk through iEx.ec[…]


iEx.ec application deployment

Following the EDCON conference, we continue our series of articles to introduce the technology behind the iEx.ec Blockchain-based Distributed Cloud. The XtremWeb-HEP being introduced in previous posts, this article presents the Application Deployment. More:https://medium.com/iex-ec/iex-ec-application-deployment-124a2c91b2c5#.l19k2oclj


iExec@EDCON #2: Understanding iEx.ec security

iExec@EDCON #2: Understanding iEx.ec security In this series of articles we present the technology behind the iEx.ec Distributed Cloud. In the previous article we discussed the architecture. This article will introduce our security considerations. It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with the architecture and the main principles of the system as described in[…]