Dr. Haiwu HE gave a Keynote Speech at “Road to the Future of Blockchain” CCF Seminar

Dr. Haiwu He gave a Keynote Speech at “Road to the Future of Blockchain” CCF Seminar

Recently, the 2017 CCF Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum (CCF YOCSEF) is held at the Beijing institute of technology (BIT). As a 100 Talents Professor and co-founder of IEXEC, Dr. Haiwu He, who is from the Chinese academy of sciences, was invited to attend the activity and give a keynote speech.

In recent years, with the rise and development of bitcoin, the term ‘blockchain’ of its underlying technology has become popular worldwide. The blockchain technology has gradually entered the application stage, with industry experts predicting that “2017 could be the year of the blockchain technology.” The forum, invited, including Professor Weide Cai who is come from BUAA, domestic blockchain well-known experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs. They was invited to discuss the issues on development status, breakthrough technology, opportunities and challenges, and the “road to the future” of blockchain of China, etc.

In the forum, everyone actively shared experiences and Suggestions on the development and application of blockchain technology in China. It is agreed that the blockchain Internet will become a new trend. Dr. Haiwu He gave a keynote speech around “distributed cloud computing based on blockchain”. He believes that cloud computing delivers scalable, inexpensive distributed computing power through the web, while a new generation of green intelligent cloud computing platforms is equal to block chain + distributed + cloud computing. In the face of millions of computing resources distributed across the globe, he said, IEXEC aims to integrate the global computing power by integrating efficient and intelligent computing resources. In addition, Dr. Haiwu He exchanged discussions on “block chain evaluation” and “industry alliance chain”.

The CCF Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum (CCF YOCSEF) is a series of academic activities created by the China Computer Federation in 1998.


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