Dr. He will be speaking at BUPT (Beijing University of Posts and Communications) Blockchain Technology Seminar on March 24th

Prof. Haiwu He will be Keynote Speaker of  “ Blockchain Technology Seminar” in Beijing


“The key Blockchain Technology Seminar” will be held by BUPT Online Education Investment Group and School of Internet Finance of BUPTonline on March 24th, 2017. BUPT (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) is one of the first “Project 211”universities in China and has great impact in the society. Prof. Haiwu He will be the keynote  speaker of the seminar.

China is emerging as a key nation for blockchain technology and has the potential to become the largest Blockchain market.  China’s Central Bank is also considering the technology as an option for its design of China’s digital currency and significant resources have been allocated on research of Blockchain and Fintech technologies.