How to handle your RLC tokens ?


If you’re new to crypto-currencies, you will discover that it’s easy and fun to manage digital assets (« tokens »). New tools like Metamask, Etherscan, or MyEtherWallet now open access to a reasonably comfortable user experience.

For the moment, there is no special need for a dedicated RLC token management app, but this could be done very easily in the future. For now, we recommend the use of imToken, MyEtherWallet, Metamask or Parity.

What can you do with your RLC tokens in the future? You will be able to access off-chain computation resources within iExec network. Your application will have his computation tasks executed by under-used computer nearby. We love discussions on different visions challenging our own approach so you can join our Slack so we can talk about distributed networks a hundred years from now!

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