We’re partnering with ICO365.com!


iEx.ec have signed an agreement with ICO365.com – the high profile Chinese ICO platform serving Chinese investors. ICO365 will help the  RLC crowdsale when it launches on 12th April at 13:00 UTC in China. Negotiations with other platforms are in progress.

iEx.ec, short for “I Execute,” a Chinese and French company located in Lyon, France and Beijing, China, aims to providing a platform for blockchain-based distributed applications on an upgradeable, secure, and accessible ecosystem for computer resources (CPU, storage, etc.). They plan to establish a market network where users can monetize their servers, applications, and datasets. iEx.ec utilizes Ethereum smart contracts to assist in the creation of virtual cloud computing services through which it will provide high-performance computing (HPC) services on request.

ICO365 is a crowdfunding services platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain startup. ICO365 has a team of professionals with broad experience in cryptocurrency, and blockchain crowdfunding. ICO365 is devoted to providing investors with an investment environment of safety, integrity, fair and transparent. Based on a profound understanding of cryptocurrency and Blockchain, the platform adheres to the belief of decentralization. Through the platform, the startups can raise their profile and attract new and important investors. Moreover, startups have the ability to provide returns to the supporters. The platform has grown in popularity since it allows investors to find and support reliable projects, and receive the promised returns securely through the ICO365 platform.

We believe that cooperation with ICO365 will help iEx.ec to develop rapidly in the Chinese market. Many Chinese blockchain and cryptocurrency amateurs will benefit from this collaboration.

More information: http://www.ico365.com/pitch/index/65