Development Letter #4

Welcome to the bi-weekly iExec Development Letter ! Brings you fresh news from the front line: the team gets stronger and stronger, more code release, and a surprise at the end of the letter!


This is the code from the Smart contract that bridges Ethereum and XtremWeb-HEP. Get it from Github.

The Team

Hamid and Mehdi are leaving iExec … and still that’s great news! We met at Devcon 2 in Shanghai and they joined the team a couple of weeks later. Mehdi and Hamid did an awesome job during the ICO, both from a marketing and development point of view! Of course it’s a weird feeling for the whole team; the ICO was a very intense experience, and it creates special links between those who did it. On the other hand, we are very proud and excited about their forthcoming project called Dether. So, we whish Hamid and Mehdi good luck, and a successful project!

Still, the team is getting stronger! We welcome two new very talented and experienced developers:

  • Victor is a full stack developer, with more than ten years experience, including 6 years as a CTO in a private equity fund in China.
  • Eduardo is a UX/IU developer with more than five years experience as an entrepreneur in Brazil, designing web sites and applications.
  • Together, Victor and Eduardo will handle the task of providing iExec state-of-the art web applications: dashboard, wallet, blockchain explorer, etc…

Besides, we are auditing several candidates for the Java Cloud developerposition. It’s still time to apply; don’t miss your chance!

Also we’re opening two new positions:

  • Security research engineer (PhD), with strong background in applied cryptography (rsa/dsa, pgp, PKI, zk proofs, MPC, …), authentication/authorization framework (X509, Oauth, openID, SAML,…), security of distributed systems (IDS, firewall,…), SELinux & sandboxing, Intel SGX, secure elements, etc…
  • Blockchain & Cloud Business Developer.

Github news

  • initial version of the Bridge API was committed.
  • we’re updating the vanitygen and stockfish so that they link to the new API.
  • vanitygen now has a mini-wallet feature.
  • xwhep 10.5.2 has been released which corrects minor bugs.
  • and support for Docker is on the go!

And finally a surprise!

Some initial sketches of the iexec logo from Pixelmatters