gets A rate from Jinri Bidu (Daily Coins)

Jinrii Bidu(今日币读 Daily Coins), specialized in evaluating companies with a planned ICO in China, now publishes the first and only Chinese ICO rating list for Chinese investors. It develops a benchmark for the evaluation of blockchain-based companies and ICO projects, which has an important reference value to help Chinese investors to find potential investment projects.

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今日币读sets up the analysis that allows investors to objectively evaluate risks and give a global picture of the project and its potential. Its rating system is as follow: AAA—AA—A—BBB—BB—B—CCC—CC—C.

“AAA-AA-A” Rating Categories means the objects have reasonable potential for growth and development, both in the medium and long term. They are attractive for investment.

“BBB-BB-B” Rating Categories is marked a high degree of uncertainty in relation to the project’s development dynamics. gets a Rating Score: A Level, along with projects like Bitstamp, Chronobank or Aeternity. All this is very encouraging!

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