Meetup in Chengdu


On 9th April the Chinese iExec team went to Chengdu, the final destination in our mini tour of China’s capital cities. Dr. Haiwu He, co-founder of iExec, gave a lecture about the project in detail and talked about the forthcoming ICO launch on 19th April. Blockchain fans were able to learn about our vision of a distributed future for cloud computing. is a project by the IEXEC BLOCKCHAIN TECH company, co-founded by Gilles Fedak and Haiwu He and headquartered in Lyon, France. The main goal of is to build the first blockchain-based distributed Cloud, that will be home to an innovative market network. This decentralized structure would allow the participants of the market to collaborate and execute business transactions with Cloud resources through various scenarios, using the RLC token.

The project token is called RLC, meaning Runs on Lots of Computers, and will be needed to take part in the iExec cloud platform. The only way of acquiring RLC tokens is during the iExec crowdsale campaign that will run from April 19th – 29th, 2017. The iExec cloud platform will take three years to be feature complete but will start to generate revenue from as early as October 2017, when it launches its highly anticipated off-chain computing for DApps.

The Meetup tour of China has now finished its journey. We have been welcomed by enthusiastic blockchain fans in every city we visited that is testament to the rapid development of blockchain in China. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us. iExec is also pleased to have the support of Gatecoin, Stimergy, imToken, ICOAge, ICO365, HyperChain Capital, Fintech Blockchain Group (FBG), Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and its BlockGrant X, Genesis Mining and many others.

Join us now on the crowdsale and support a new era of distributed cloud computing!