China will be accelerated by Tsinghua University X-elerator

Our project is officially accepted from today and will be accelerated by Tsinghua University SEM X-elerator, one of the most famous startup accelerators in China. It will be very helpful for to get the HR support, financial assistant, investment, network to build up our Chinese team and develop rapidly in Chinese fast growing market .

Tsinghua University has been constantly placed as one of the top two universities in mainland China by most domestic and international rankings, along with Peking University. Tsinghua University SEM X-elerator is a manifestation of Tsinghua spirit, it’s an accelerator  for the world’s outstanding entrepreneurs and teams.  Relying on its outstanding human resources, educational resources, financial supports, network and innovative resources, Tsinghua University SEM X-elerator can provide a home and workplace for the innovative entrepreneurs. For these national and the world’s top innovative projects, it provides services including business development, business model innovation, entrepreneur networking etc.

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