receives the Certificate of Accomplishment from SEM X-elerator of Tsinghua University  

It is a great honor to share with fans that our Chinese team received the Certificate of Accomplishment from SEM X-elerator of Tsinghua University. During the past 3 months, our Chinese team have been lucky enough to gain support from Tsinghua University SEM X-elerator on issues around finance and investment and to share in their industry expertise. has now established two WeChat communities in China and is gaining widespread attention.

The entire market capitalization of blockchain-based assets is $13 billion today, when decentralized blockchain protocols start replacing the centralized web services that dominate the current Internet, we will start to see real Internet-based sovereignty. Here at iExec we believe the future Internet will be decentralized.

Blockchain technology allows developers to design cheaper HPC services and consider lowering the barrier to supercomputing. employs Ethereum infrastructure and smart contracts to create a virtual cloud network capable of HPC Computing. The service allows one to gather idle capacities of computers connected to the Internet in order to process data for a relatively low price compared to that offered by centralized Cloud services. is just the beginning of a new era for future Cloud computing!


Dr. Haiwu He with the Executive Director of X-elerator


Dr. Haiwu He with the Chinese team

iexec-china-certificate-3 Chinese team in the Tsinghua University SEM X-elerator