A New Era of Cloud Computing

iEx.ec is a new decentralized cloud computing platform that is blockchain-based. It aims to tackle the current limitations of centralized cloud computing that are holding business and innovation back. A decentralized cloud connects users to one another, whether server providers, application providers, data providers or end users. All manner of business can be executed on the iEx.ec cloud. At the same time the system is fast, efficient and secure.

‘Having a decentralized and globally accessible marketplace to trade computing resources is an invaluable step forward for the cloud computing industry as a whole’


Despite the vast scale of computing resources available to enterprise, the demand for more powerful solutions continues to increase. iEx.ec combines blockchain technology with distributed computing so that consumers and enterprises from all over the world will be able to pool together computing resources, as well as exchange services. Rather than forcing businesses to invest in more expensive infrastructure, iEx.ec provides on-demand, low cost computing resources. Anyone who needs to complete a demanding task, such as analysing large amount of data, performing compute intensive simulations, orrunning next AI algorithm, will be able to use additional computer resources whenever the need arises.

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