Understanding the iEx.ec Crowdsale Smart Contract

iEx.ec has released the source code for the smart contract that manage the RLC token crowdsale.



The Smart contract has been audited by OpenZeppelin, a reference in security audit. The review is publicly available and can be read on their medium blog. The analysis did not show severe or critical vulnerabilities and all recommandations have been addressed.

The smart contract has a certain number of advanced features:

  • Issue the RLC tokens, fully compliant with the ERC20 standard
  • Implement the token distribution as described in the white paper
  • Allows funding in Bitcoin and Ether
  • Allow full traceability of the contributions being in BTC or ETH and the corresponding RLC issuance
  • Tokens are immediately issued and sent to contributors
  • Tokens are locked until the end of the smart contract
  • Funds are automatically saved in a multisig wallet
  • Backer protection in case where the mincap is not reached

Source : https://medium.com/iex-ec/understanding-the-iex-ec-crowdsale-smart-contract-2b5ac5598950