Zhumadian International Forum for Industry & Education

Dr. Haiwu He attends to the fourth International Forum on Industry & Education. The fourth production and education integration strategy Forum (International Forum on Industry & Education, IFIE), initiated by the Ministry of Education, was held on June 22-24, 2017 in Zhu-Ma-Dian, China. As a leading international expert in blockchain and co-founder of iex.ec, Dr. Haiwu He who is from the Chinese academy of sciences attended IFIE, and was invited to give a lecture on Sub-forum 5 – Big Data Era — Stepping into the New Era of Artificial Intelligence. All the scientists in the forum shared their achievements and experience gained over the past year in Hundred Universities Project. They also discussed and exchanged their view of how to construct innovative initiatives based on the future trend of big data industry.

On Sub-forum 5 – Big Data +Era — Stepping into the New Era of Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Haiwu He made an in-depth introduction on the research progress of the blockchain and the role of the technology in the ecosystem of big data industry. He introduced that iEx.ec is developing a new Proof-of- Contribution protocol, that will allow off-chain consensus. Thanks to the Proof-of- Contribution, external resource providers will have their resources’ usage certified directly in the block chain. iEx.ec aims to deploy a scalable, high-performance, secure and manageable infrastructure sidechain that will promote new form of distributed governance, implying key HPC, Big Data and Cloud industry leaders. The savants highly recognized the point of Dr. Haiwu He, and point out that the developing of iEx.ec is highly anticipated as a technical leader of block chain.

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The International Forum for Industry & Education (IFFIE, Zhumadian) is themed “To Build Universities of Applied Sciences with Chinese Characteristics”.

The transformation and upgrading of national and regional economy requires new human resources structure. The revival of the industry and the survival of the enterprises in the fierce market competition rely on high-quality human resources, especially in a time when the 3rd industrial revolution has brought about unprecedented shock to the economy and society centered on talent competition. Therefore, the strategic adjustment of higher education structure has become a significant factor affecting the development of every region, industry and enterprise.  The higher education itself is faced with tremendous challenges. The real issue underlying the employment problem of the 7.27 million university graduates is the structure of higher education. A strategic decision has to be made on China’s education. Through the transition of some local universities and integration of tertiary vocational education resources, Universities of Applied Sciences with Chinese characteristics should be established, so that these universities could develop deeper cooperation with local regions, industries and enterprises, forming a value-creating community and promoting the establishment of higher education structure and modern vocational education systems which will meet the new demand of social and economic development.

The forum is dedicated to pushing forward the above theme to be the common action taken by the higher institutions, vocational colleges and local regions, industries and enterprises. We believe that only by the common participation of government, industry, university and research institution can we achieve the reform objectives and only by open discussion can all the stakeholders benefit from the reform.