Decentralized Oracle

Build a Decentralized Oracle on top of iExec

iExec Decentralized Oracles

Programmable blockchains and smart contracts are a big deal, but they live in siloed environments and as such have very limited access to the outside world. iExec makes it easy for anyone to deploy their own Decentralized Oracle, allowing developers to leverage the terabytes of data available on the WEB 2.0 to build a whole new range of useful and impactful DApps without compromising on the security

Price Feed

A live price feed Oracle powered by iExec, providing Ethereum with hundreds of crypto pairs prices


Use iExec Decentralized cloud to fetch any data from the WEB 2.0,
and push the result on-chain with the maximum level of trust.

Use cases

Don’t compromise on the integrity of your DApp. Use an iExec Decentralized Oracle.


Data Feeds

Virtually all tokenized assets depend on off-chain data. iExec’s Doracle will sync data to your dapp without compromising on security.


Bank Payments

Execute on-chain logic when traditional payments are made over Web 2.0.


Cross-Chain Data

Events can be triggered between any number of decentralized applications, regardless of what blockchain they are based on.

Documentation for Developers

Deploy your DOracle on top of iExec in no time!