Enterprise Use Cases

iExec helps you build high-value Web3 projects, designing solutions with an emphasis on Trust, Confidentiality, and Governance. Discover how blockchain can help you unlock new value for your business.

Data Integrity in the 4.0 Industry

Novel technology brings new security threats. Data integrity becomes even more paramount – especially when that data is generated from sensitive sources like manufacturing facilities. iExec has helped CETIM (the French Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry) implement a consortium blockchain to ensure manufacturing data integrity and IoT infrastructure reliability.

Confidential Data for AI

High-value data is often of a sensitive or confidential nature. As such, it is subject to special protection (e.g. GDPR). As a result, much of this data remains unused, preventing companies from unlocking business opportunities. iExec partnered with KnowledgeX to support the implementation of the start-up decentralized marketplace that puts data scientists and data owners in a trustworthy relationship. This allows confidential data to be processed by external partners, all without ever actually revealing the data.

Mobility Data as the Basis of a Rewards Platform

The collection and management of geolocation data is a big concern for mobility service providers, particularly in Europe. Here, regulations impose many standards aimed at defining how personal data is processed (GDPR). iExec assisted a French-listed company in the development of a platform that rewards employees of a business park for using eco-friendly modes of transportation to get to work. The best part? The employees’ mobility data was kept totally confidential.

Guarantee Remote Identity Verification

KYC service providers are facing increasingly rigorous regulations. These rules define how to set up trusted spaces for exchanging personal data, manage consent, and obtain proof-of-execution and results. They also guarantee the purpose of processing personal data. iExec helped design a solution for a French document management group. The end product reinforces the confidence and confidentiality of document recognition and remote identity verification products for its users and customers.

Transportation Data Sharing

One of the business challenges the transportation industry faces is how to optimize transport capacity. To do so, transport providers are asked to share trip details with third parties. iExec, alongside Intel and Vodafone, built a blockchain-based solution for securely trading transport services. With the help of smart sensors embedded in the vehicles, transport providers are able to share their available services with requesters based on specific requirements and create a service match.

Trusted Infrastructure for Smart Cities

Trust is key to the success of smart cities. It’s the necessary condition for people to use these services, participate, and contribute data. iExec, in collaboration with Intel and Shanghai Tech University, developed a demo that powered an infrastructure supporting machine-to-machine transactions and autonomous services. The goal was to demonstrate how to combine IoT devices, 5G networks, and blockchain to drive trust.


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