Enterprise Edition

The secure and flexible solution to do business with blockchain.
the exchange of cloud computing

iExec Enterprise

iExec connects computers from all over the world to supply developers and companies with a secure,
easy and scalable access to computing power.


iExec Enterprise facilitates the exchange of cloud computing assets. Share or monetize your data, applications and computing resources while controling who can access them.

For Who

iExec Enterprise answers the needs of SMEs, corporates and consortiums involved in artificial intelligence, finance, healthcare, 3D rendering and printing.

Confidentiality and privacy

iExec is leveraging cutting-edge technologies in blockchain technology, distributed computing, and Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) such as Intel SGX.

New business models

Generate revenues from your cloud assets, and freely define your pricing strategy internally or with your partners.

High-grade security

Thanks to hardware enclaves, cloud asset providers can rent the usage of their data and applications (pay-per-task), while remaining the sole owners of their assets.


Flexible access controls

By whitelisting or blacklisting users, the owners of computing resources can define who can have access to their assets, and revoke access when needed.

Real-time monitoring and auditing

Every transaction is recorded on a public or private ledger, offering real-time monitoring and auditing possibilities.

Compliance with the latest standards

iExec is an active contributor in defining the industrial standards of tomorrow. iExec is involved in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), IEEE and the OpenFog Consortium.

Documentation for Developers

iExec provides an SDK and API to make life easy for developers.

Business Cases

Securely share and monetize data, applications and computing power with your customers, partners, subsidiaries or business units.