Enterprise Edition

Blockchain Consulting & Development Services

Enterprise Blockchain

The aim of enterprise blockchain is to resolve business issues related to multi-enterprise interactions and facilitate the creation of new business models.

Core Expertise

We specialize in: Smart Contracts, Record Keeping, Transfer of Value, Digitized Assets, Off-Chain Computing, Confidential Computing & Marketplace Creation.

Enterprise Edition

The next generation of the internet is decentralized and powered by the blockchain.

This paradigm ensures more trust, freedom, ownership, autonomy and resilience.

iExec is the world leader in decentralized cloud computing, and we strive to be the backbone of Web3.

We support enterprises in leveraging blockchain technology, and igniting a new wave of high-value innovation.

The future will be interoperable, resilient-by-design, and private-by-design. We’re here to make it happen.

Our 3-Step Approach

You can start your journey with iExec at any of these 3 phases

This is where we turn ideas into PoCs and products. Our developers build and deploy your new product, service or platform (on-premise or on a cloud infrastructure).

2-3 weeks for a PcC

4-12 weeks for a running product

It all begins with discovery and ideation. We offer advisory on how you can leverage blockchain technology to create value for your organisation.

Ideation: 1 day

Consulting: 1-4 weeks

Once your project is running, we provide maintenance and support at varying levels to meet your exact needs.

Continuous or according to contract

Who We Help & Tech Partners

Technologies We Master

With 15 years of experience in distributed computing and 6 years in blockchain, our team of experts can elegantly address any type of blockchain challenge.

  • Blockchain
  • Public & Private Blockchains
  • Smart Contracts (Solidity)
  • Decentralized Oracles
  • Sidechains & Bridges
  • Protocol Migration
  • Interoperability Between Blockchains
  • Cloud Computing
  • AWS, Azure
  • Docker & Containerization
  • Ansible & Kubernetes
  • Confidential Computing
  • Intel SGX
  • ARM TrustZone
  • Hyperledger Avalon
  • Distributed Computing
  • Distributed Computing
  • Protocol Design (Consensus Algorithms)
  • Tokenization
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Governance & Consortiums
  • Cybersecurity
  • Smart Contracts Auditing