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The iExec Dapp Store Is Live

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iExec Development Letter #3

iExec Development Letter #3

Welcome to the iExec development letter #3, where every two weeks, we report on our activities. We’re giving you updates on the team, and the software development.

We’re still looking for the best talents to join our team.

We have received excellent applications for the full stack developper and the process is close to the end, we’re still looking for a talented designer, and we have just opened the Java-Cloud position. More engineers position will be opened shortly as well.


VanityGen is a Bitcoin vanity address generator that enables the creation of a personalized BTC public address. For example, instead of starting 1XgewroKdN. VanityGen was the first example of off chain computation. The vanity gen demo has been reworked by Ishak and more user friendly than the first version. In particular, you don’t have to switch to a second web site to generate your vanity keys.

And more, it’s now open source ! Please, visit its Github page. However, don’t use this application yet as an example to develop your own iExec application, as the API is going to evolve a lot.

Of course you try it on the ropsten testnet :

Join the slack to get some support !

iExec API

Finally, we’re open sourcing as well the initial version of the iExec application interface. These are solidity contracts that allow you to submit off-chain task execution. Remember that the API is still work in progress, and may evolve drastically in the future. In the coming weeks, we’ll release a simple tutorial, so that developers can start to glance at it and prototype their applications. Join us on our slack if you are interested.

Oleg has written a blogpost that summarizes the API

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