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iExec at EDCON, Paris 2017

iExec at EDCON, Paris 2017

It was a pleasure to attend the EDCON, the Europan Ethereum community conference and we’d like to thank organizers of the event : Linktime, Asseth, Chaintech and ESCP Business School who hosted the event on February 17 and 18, 2017 in Paris.

We had the perfect occasion to present our latest developments and Proof-of-Concept, meet new partners, and stay attentive to distributed applications developers’ requirements. We really enjoyed passionate technical discussions. They sometimes can informally validate a specific approach or help you explore unknown parts of the crypto space sometimes leading to new ideas or business synergies.

Gilles Fedak presenting latest developments 

During one of the many Asseth meetups before the conference, Gilles was part of the “off-chain computation and beyond” panel together with Julian Zawistowski (Golem), Thomas Bertani (Oraclize) and Clément Lesaege (Decentralized Court).

Julian Zawistowski (Golem) and Gilles Fedak (
Gilles showing how works Proof-of-Concept
“Beyond the Cloud” panel

Here‘s a few pictures taken by Etienne Jouin during the conference itself:

Vitalik Buterin’s presentation
Back to the origins of Desktop Grid Computing AKA Volunteer Computing
Gilles explaining the Distributed Cloud
The Proof-of-Stake panel
Vitalik laughing and live-tweeting (photo: Etienne Jouin)

It’s always interesting to see how other projects leverage the features of Ethereum blockchain. As far as we’re concerned, we use it for its reliability, for the diversity of its ecosystem and for its distributed approach we fully share. We were pretty amazed to see so many Ethereum projects evolving at such an impressive pace.

Hadrien Charlanes and Vincent Eli presented VariabL their new trading platform based on stable tokens. We also hope the best to Loi Luu’s SmartPool, a mining pool operated by smart contracts.

We’ve seen complementary approaches to security of the network. Joseph Chow told us about the battle plan against black hats a bit like a Star Wars Rebellion general would do! And Nicolas Bacca was on stage telling us the story of next generation hardware wallets, and how Ledger wallets already can interact with smart contracts.

Dmitry Khovratovich reviewed different scenarios that could threat the issuance and distribution of an ERC20-compliant tokens. Mona El Isa shared her recent experience of a successful ICO. “There are 20–25k developers currently working on Ethereum” said William Mougayar. He predicted 600 million dollars worth ICO in 2017, with 80% of them on Ethereum. And is actually included in these metrics!

EDCON Youtube channel is full of videos we recommend to watch. You also can find all projects presented at EDCON [fr] on

To be the first to be hear the upcoming important announcements, you can:

See you in Cancun for Devcon 3!

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