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iExec Team Interview with Mircea Moca

iExec Team Interview with Mircea Moca

After Oleg’s interview, we keep following the introduction of team members, by doing a special interview of Mircea Moca, business developer and Fintech Expert at and we’re thanking him for his time to produce this article.


How did come to you the passion of technology, computing and cryptocurrency ?

For me, an important thing related to technology, is that if I have an idea, it always helps me to bring it to reality. Obviously, there must be a correlation between the ambitions of the idea and the available technology at that time. And so is cryptocurrency now. What fascinates me to this topic, is a huge potential for a wide range of applications in many activities. From the way people can now raise resources for creating useful projects, to an exploding variety in which people can create and exchange value among them.

How did you integrate the iExec project ?

I constantly worked with Gilles Fedak and Haiwu He since 2010 on different projects, namely on topics of distributed computing, HPC. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we were complimentary and we achieved sinergy quite directly. On the iExec project, I contribute from its beginning.

Can you tell us about eFAST project ?

In one of my work visits in Lyon (France) in 2015, we evaluated different ways of building a collaborative platform for financial analysis. We had almost anything we needed, except the “glue” that would allow participants to exchange value in such a platform. In 2016, the Ethereum blockchain technology looked feasible for providing us this glue. Leading this initiative is one of my main tasks and this platform is planned to rely on the iExec market network.

A last advice or tips to give us ?

I recommend anyone to discover the potential of this emerging technology. A few months ago, before the ICO, some key ideas of this project were perceived with skepticism. Now, those features start to be understood as needs. Believe in your innovative ideas even when reticents are around, because this can inspire you even more!

To get to know more Mircea Moca, please check and follow his medium account :

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