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iExec Team Interview with Oleg Lodygensky

iExec Team Interview with Oleg Lodygensky


In order to follow the team more closely, we’ve decided to interview one of the pillar project member, M. Oleg Lodygensky, and we’re thanking him for giving us his time to produce this article.

Oleg, would you mind to tell us some words about you and your career?

“I work at CNRS (the french national research center) and I am involved into distributed computing since late ’90. I am a research and developments project leader.”

How did come to you the passion of technology, computing and crypto-currency?

“Everything started in late ’80 with my first Apple 2! 🙂 I never stopped developing, testing and “hacking” since then.”

How did you integrate the project?

“I passed my PhD with Gilles Fedak in a computing science laboratory in Orsay-Fr.”

Can you summarize us quickly your articles?

“You mean my articles on ? It’s all about technology to achieve a decentralized cloud:


– architecture

– application deployment

network virtualization

virtual machine management

– decentralized hypervisors

– computing resources

– firewall bypassing

What message would you like to convey to your readers through these articles?

“Power is in your hands. With our proposal you can actively participate to Internet next step where you have the opportunity to go over using by participating.”

A last advice or tips to give us?

“Stay tuned: the best to come.”

By curiousity, can you tell us who’s at your left in your medium picture?

“It’s my favourite donkey!”

To get to know more M. Oleg Lodygensky, please check and follow his medium account :

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