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iExec Virtual Machine Management

iExec Virtual Machine Management

To continue Oleg Lodygensky‘s series of articles introducing the technology behind the Blockchain-based Distributed Cloud, this article presents the iExec Virtual Machine Management.



As described in a previous article, iExec belongs to the well known paradigm of global computing platforms that implement a three tier architecture where a set of centralized services are instantiated and reachable via Internet connection.

This series of articles aims to be as concise and didactic as possible, introducing paradigms step by step. So far, we have introduced technology in terms one may already be familiar with when discussing global computing: decentralized services, pull mode and peer to peer (P2P) communications.

But our technology go further by proposing what we call “provider’s sharing”. This article presents this so called “provider’s sharing” paradigm as well as its first use case: virtual machine management.

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