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The iExec Dapp Store Is Live

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iExec is now a member of the Institute of Electronics of China

iExec is now a member of the Institute of Electronics of China

iExec has the pleasure to announced that the blockchain-based decentralized Cloud is now member of the Institute of Electronics of China.

It’s an excellent news for the project because iExec is now getting the support of a wide network of universities, research institutes. NEO is already part of it. This governmental semi-official endorsement is necessary to allow iExec to expand rapidly in China.

Official English description

The Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) is a technical and noncommercial nationwide legal person league composed of science and technology workers, related enterprises and institutional units in electronic information industries in accordance with the law. It is a constituent part of China Association for Science and Technology and attached to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Established in Beijing in 1962, at present Chinese Institute of Electronics has more than 100,000 individual members and 600 group members, 44 professional subcommittees, 8 working parties and 100 institutes. There are local institute organizations in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipality directly under the central authority.

Primary mission of Chinese Institute of Electronics is to carry out academic and technical exchange both here and abroad; carry out further education and technical training; popularize electronic information technology books and periodicals; carry out decision and technology consultation, hold technology exhibition; research and recommend technical standard for electronic information; accept commission to evaluate technical titles of electronic information professional technicians; appraise and evaluate electronic information scientific and technological achievements; find, cultivate and recommend talents; encourage excellent electronic information science and technology workers.The aim of the CIE is to promote the electronic science and technology by stimulating and encouraging the development and application of electronic science and technology, strengthening the co-operation in electronics with scholars of all countries, popularizing the electronic science and technology and encouraging education and training for engineers.

The membership in CIE is currently composed of five grades, namely, fellow, senior member, member, student member, and associate member. The council, consisting of the president, vice-presidents, and secretary general elected from the general assembly which is held once every four years, meets once a year and takes decisions that become necessary between General Assembly meetings.

The Chinese Institute of Electronics was established in Beijing in 1962 and now has over 100,000 members, over 600 corporate members, 43 professional branches, 8 working committees and a working office with one hundred professional staff. There are local institute organizations in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The 44 professional branches of the Chinese Institute of Electronics cover all the fields of electronic information including semiconductors, computers, communications, radar, navigation, microwave, radio and television, electronic measurement, signal processing, electromagnetic compatibility, electronic components and electronic materials, etc.

Approved by China technology award office, the Chinese Institute of Electronics has set up the Electronic Information Science and Technology Award to encourage creation and innovation in the science and technology field. The Chinese Institute of Electronics is a member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), International Contaminate Control Communion and Study (ICCCS), International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) and Asia-Pacific Nerve Net Federation. The Chinese Institute of Electronics has established memberships with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), British Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) and Korean Institution of Electronic Engineering (KITE), etc. The Chinese Institute of Electronics has held various international academic meetings with these academic organizations and over 10 serial international conferences.


中国电子学会(Chinese Institute of Electronics) 是由电子信息界的科技工作者和有关企事业单位自愿结成、依法登记的学术性、非营利性的全国性法人社团,是中国科学技术协会的组成部分,中国电子学会总部是工业和信息化部直属事业单位。中国电子学会于1962年在北京成立,现在拥有个人会员10万余人,团体会员600多个,专业分会44个,工作委员会8个,编委会1个和一个百人的办事机构。30个省、自治区、直辖市设有地方学会组织。   中国电子学会的宗旨是团结和动员电子信息科技工作者,遵守宪法、法律、法规和国家政策,遵守社会道德贵规范;尊重知识,尊重人才,积极倡导“团结、创新、求实、奉献”的精神,促进电子信息科学技术的繁荣和发展,促进电子信息科学技术的普及和应用,促进电子信息科学技术人才的成长和提高,促进电子信息科学技术与经济的结合,为社会主义物质文明和精神文明建设服务;反映电子信息科技工作者的意见,维护电子信息科技工作者的合法权益,为电子信息科技工作者服务。   中国电子学会的主要任务是开展国内外学术、技术交流;开展继续教育和技术培训;普及电子信息科学技术知识,推广电子信息技术应用;编辑出版电子信息科技书刊;开展决策、技术咨询,举办科技展览;研究和推荐电子信息技术标准;接受委托评审电子信息专业人才技术人员技术资格,鉴定和评估电子信息科技成果;发现,培养和举荐人才;奖励优秀电子信息科技工作者。   中国电子学会设有四个等级的会员,分别为学生会员、会员、高级会员和会士。已获得工程师、讲师、助理研究员以上职称,或具有相当上述水平的电子信息科技人员均可申请成为中国电子学会会员,高等院校高年级本科生或研究生可申请位学生会员。   中国电子学会的最高权力机构是会员代表大会。会员代表大会每五年召开一次 ,选举产生理事会。理事会是会员代表大会的执行机构,在会员代表大会闭会期间领导学会开展日常工作,对会员代表大会负责。   中国电子学会的44个专业分会覆盖了半导体、计算机、通信、雷达、导航、微波、广播电视、电子测量、信号处理、电磁兼容、电子元件、电子材料等电子信息科学技术的所有领域。

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