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The iExec Dapp Store Is Live

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Introducing iExec New Logo !

Introducing iExec New Logo !

We asked Pixelmatters, a famous web agency to help us rebrand the project. Pixelmatters did an amazing job. They really were able to capture the essence of iexec, and summarize its identity with a simple, slick and shiny logo.

The logo reflects following aspects of the project:

  • Distributed Network;
  • Interaction;
  • “Create new things”;
  • Knowledge (company main value);

Initial sketches by Pixelmatters

This first approach aims to be a blend between the distributed network representation, the fluid feeling of the interaction and the play button. With this in mind we want to show movement, constant improvement and interaction. Also, the goal is to give the viewer some sense of security and an “hi-tech” feel.

Here are some notes about the Symbols:

  • Emphasis is given to the graphical representation of the Play symbol, in the network/mesh, and essentially in the interaction between users data. We want to pass a sense of creation, constant movement, constant evolution, and execution;

About the Color:

  • We kept the yellow because it transmits energy, and has the conceptual connotation with coins and cryptocurrencies in general;

And the notes about the Typography:

  • Monospaced font gives the graphism of programming and technological environment. We like this solution because we believe it matches perfectly with the business.

Many thanks to the Andre and the whole Pixelmatters Crew! Now, the logo will gradually replace the old one.

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