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RLC tokens are now available on Shapeshift!

RLC tokens are now available on Shapeshift!

In case of if you missed it, RLC is now available on Shapeshift which is extremely easy to use and well established asset trading platform, also pretty famous for its security. It’s an excellent news.

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In this recent review, here’s how Shapeshift is describe as follow :

How exactly does Shapeshift work? To convert one crypto coin to another, the client is first required to select the currencies he wants to convert between. Once that’s done, he is required to provide a destination wallet address, as well as a return wallet address for the currency from which the conversion is done. This is where the funds will be returned in case anything goes wrong with the transaction.

What could possibly go wrong? From hacking to major delays, just about anything. Shapeshift was in fact hacked back in 2015, but due to the way the system was designed from the ground-up, not a single penny was lost. The integrity of the operation is indeed unquestionable.

After the transaction is approved, the funds are transferred to the destination wallet, but not before a fee is cut for the transaction. The fees used for every crypto currency are displayed in plain view at the Shapeshift site. We strongly advise everyone looking to convert some funds, to browse through that page first. Most legitimate complaints regarding the operator concern these conversion fees, but again: there’s nothing underhanded about them. They are displayed clearly, for everyone to see.


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Get some RLC now using Shapeshift!

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