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Privacy for crypto wallet emailing

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Our technology allows your users to let you email them without ever having to provide you their email.

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Enables to email a registered Ethereum account holder without knowing or storing their email address.

Eliminates the need for end-users to share their email address with multiple third parties. In the future this tool will enable users to monetize receiving emails.

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It's a new approach enabling targeted marketing, user engagement, and communication between Dapps and Web3 users without compromising the privacy of individuals.

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Since 2016, we provide an ecosystem that safeguards privacy, ownership, and creates value for all participants

The only protocol combining blockchain, confidential computing and monetization systems in one place.

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What is Privacy for crypto wallet emailing?

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Enables users to allow DApps to use their data without ever revealing the data itself.

This approach relies on end-to-end encryption backed by confidential computing technology and smart contracts.

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