The iExec Roadmap

iExec are radically transforming the cloud computing industry. This roadmap gives you an insight into our previous achievements and milestones as well as what the future will bring.


Dec 2020

iExec 5.0 — Beyond the Decentralized Cloud
The goal of this version is to allow new usages of iExec beyond the Decentralized Cloud. This will open a new market network with applications specifically deployed to take advantage of IoT, Fog/Edge Computing, and Smart City technologies. Applications will be fully autonomous and able to provision resources, data, and applications directly from the blockchain in a fully decentralized way. Many other implementations such as decentralized governance and an energy positive worker will be included in this release.

Q1 2020

V4.1 Release
V4.1 Release


Dec 2019

iExec 4.0 — High Performance Computing
GPU integration, sidechain implementation (more efficient, zero transactions fees) as well as other UX and UI improvements for enterprise and mainstream adoption.

Q3 2019

iExec V3.2 Release
Bag-of-Tasks integration and an Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Worker Pool

31 May 2019

iExec 3.0 — Hybrid Public/Private Infrastructure
The V3 includes key features for the enterprises to widely adopt the iExec market network by providing them with full control over the public/private employment of their resources.


30 October 2018

iExec Devcon4
iExec will present a proof-of-concept using Intel SGX enclaves with their PoCo consensus algorithm at the Devcon4 conference.

17 August 2018

iExec with Intel at EnterpriseEthereumAlliance members meeting
iExec presents their SGX enclave solution alongside Intel at the EEA face-to-face meeting for defining standards that will be implemented by companies with Ethereum-based platforms.

16 August 2018

iExec Summit and Party announced
An official iExec event taking place after Devcon4 featuring guest speakers, workshops and festivities.

24 July 2018

iExec ‘Workerdrop’ 2
311 workers joined the workerpool with PoCo fully integrated, to power a FinTech DApp resulting in over 2,400 RLC being distributed over 24 hours.

20 July 2018

iExec ‘Workerdrop’ 1
The first ever public workers connect and execute computation tasks for RLC as part of the initial testing on the iExec network on Ethereum’s Mainnet.

18 July 2018

Cointelegraph Article
The leading channel for cryptocurrency and blockchain news published an article focused on iExec’s newly released marketplace for trading cloud resources.

16 July 2018

V2 goes Mainnet
All features of the iExec Marketplace are made fully functional on Ethereum main network.

02 July 2018

Dapp of the Week’ series launched
iExec starts series of articles and video showcasing applications built on top of iExec and executed on a decentralized cloud.

21 June 2018

Collaboration Agreement with Wuhan's Municipal Government
iExec signs official collaboration agreement with Wuhan’s Municipal Government of China For future collaborative.

21 June 2018

The Global Alliance of SMEs Outstanding Contribution Award
Haiwu He was recognised for an for his contributions with iExec for the Chinese blockchain industry

12 June 2018

Chinese and Korean communities explode in size
Thousands of members join our ever growing community channels in Asia

09 June 2018

Major Asian Marketing Campaign
iExec featured numerous digital and physical tech oriented publications while co-founder Haiwu He, was interviewed on mainstream Chinese television.

04 June 2018

iExec featured in TechCrunch
iExec is written about in the mainsstream tech publication in an article on monetizing computing resources.

29 May 2018

TF Cloud Partnership
iExec announces that major Chinese cloud provider TFCloud will join as a resource provider on the iExec network.

29 May 2018

iExec 2.0 — Market Network
iExec announce the release of the first-ever decentralized marketplace for cloud computing at Blockshow Europe 2018.

16 May 2018

Intel Partnership
During a join presentation with Intel at Consensus 2018, giving a live demonstration of its product using Intel SGX solutions.

14 May 2018

RSK Partnership
iExec announces partnership with with RSK and compatibility with the sidechain, enabling smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain.

19 April 2018

Ubisoft Partnership
iExec announce collaboration with Ubisoft in StationF Startup Programme

19 April 2018

One year Anniversary of RLC token
iExec Celebrates One Year Anniversary of RLC ICO by holding contest to expand the community

18 April 2018

Red Herring Awards
iExec wins place in Red Herring Awards Top 100 Startups

03 April 2018

China Computer Federation
iExec Co-Founder, Dr. Haiwu He was selected as Expert of the China Computer Federation

26 March 2018

Award at Disrupt’Night
iExec awarded Silver Prize at Disrupt’Night as innovators in ‘Data Security’ Category

22 March 2018

iExec present Intel SGX Solution
iExec present SGX Hardware Enclave Security Solutions at IBM Think, Las Vegas.

17 February 2018

Dapp Challenge Results
15 new decentralized apps receive $150,000 of funding to integrate the iExec DApp Store.

15 February 2018

Blender Deployment
Blender, a CGI rendering app, is deployed on top of iExec and becomes the first use case of 3D rendering on iExec.

09 February 2018

Docker Support
Developers can dockerize their apps and run them on the iExec cloud.

31 January 2018

The First Invoice in RLC
iExec’s new partner, Cloud&Heat, issues the first invoice ever to be paid in RLC.

24 January 2018

The First Cloud Computing Provider Joins iExec
Stimergy becomes the first-ever cloud computing provider to join the iExec marketplace.

12 January 2018

Binance Listing
Binance, one of the most popular exchange platforms, lists RLC.

09 January 2018

iExec Joins the OpenFog Consortium
iExec joins the OpenFog Consortium to accelerate the deployment of fog computing technologies.


21 December 2017

Mainnet Deployment
The team deploys the iExec Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Mainnet for the first time.

20 December 2017

DApp Store Release
The DApp Store lists all the applications built on top of iExec.

15 December 2017

Hong Kong Office
iExec opens a new office in Hong Kong.

01 December 2017

DApp Challenge Launch
The DApp Challenge is announced to boost the development of decentralized apps, with a prize pool of $150,000.

04 November 2017

SDK 1.0 Release
The release of the iExec V1 (aka “The Wanderer”) is announced during Devcon3 in Cancún, Mexico.

26 August 2017

Explorer Release
The iExec Explorer allows anyone to see all the transactions and application registrations within the iExec network.

11 July 2017

iExec Joins EEA
iExec joins the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance to augment Ethereum in terms of on privacy, confidentiality, scalability, and security.

30 May 2017

PoC II Release
Stockfish, a famous open-source chess engine is the second application deployed on the iExec PoC.

20 April 2017

Bittrex Listing
The Bittrex exchange platform opens an RLC/BTC market.

19 April 2017

Token Sale
iExec raises 2,762 BTC and 17,388 ETH in less than 3 hours, which represents the equivalent of 12 million USD. It was the 5th largest ICO at the time.

17 February 2017

PoC I Release
Vanity Gen is the first application to run on the iExec PoC. It requires a lot of computing power to get the first character of a personalized Bitcoin address.


13 November 2016

Super Computing 2016
iExec participates to SC’16, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

12 November 2016

Tsinghua University Acceleration Program
iExec is accepted into the Tsinghua University SEM X-elerator, one of the most famous startup accelerators in China.

01 November 2016

Whitepaper Release
The iExec Whitepaper is released. The document presents the technological foundations of the project, its roadmap and details about the RLC token crowdsale.

17 October 2016

Company Creation
iExec is founded as a French company.

09 September 2016

Devcon2 Presentation
The project is presented in Shanghai to the Ethereum community at the Devcon2.

05 January 2016

Project Launch
Haiwu He and Gilles Fedak announce iExec at the Blockchain Show in Beijing.