Inriabusinessclub joins Inria Alumni Business Club

Inria, known also as the inventors for the digital world, entrusted the creation of Inria Business Club to his alumni in the aim of enriching relationships, sharing experiences and contributing to development & innovation with Technology companies. is proud to announce his collaboration with this club. Inria Business Club

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 10.17.41 AM China will be accelerated by Tsinghua University X-elerator

Our project is officially accepted from today and will be accelerated by Tsinghua University SEM X-elerator, one of the most famous startup accelerators in China. It will be very helpful for to get the HR support, financial assistant, investment, network to build up our Chinese team and develop rapidly in Chinese fast growing market . Tsinghua[…]

DACA-Professor participates to “We are Satoshi !”, Tsinghua University, Beijing

On October 14, Haiwu He is engaged to be the Blockchain expert and professor for the “We are Satochi Nakamoto” project of DACA and iCenter of Tsinghua University. DACA (Distributed Autonomous Coalition Asia) is the Chinese famous Blockchain Association. Tsinghua University is the top Chinese university in Beijing. The “We are Satoshi” ambitious program aims[…]