9 June 2016
Gilles Fedak

Gilles Fedak – CEO, Co-founder

Dr. habil. Gilles FEDAK is a permanent INRIA research scientist since 2004 at ENS-Lyon, France. After receiving his Ph.D degree from University Paris Sud in 2003, he followed a postdoctoral fellowship at University California San Diego in 2003-2004. His research interests are in Parallel and Distributed Computing, with a particular emphasis on the problematic of using large and loosely coupled distributed computing infrastructures to support highly demanding computational and data-intensive Science. He produced pioneering software and algorithms in the field of Grid and Cloud Computing that allow people to easily harness large parallel systems consisting of thousands of machines distributed on the Internet (XtremWeb, MPICH-V, BitDew, SpeQulos, Xtrem-MapReduce, Active Data, …).  He co-authored about 90 peer-reviewed scientific papers and won two Best Paper awards.  In 2012, G. Fedak  co-edits with C. Cérin the Desktop Grid Computing Book, (CRC publication). In 2015, he receives the Chinese Academy of Sciences PIFI Award. Home page

Haiwu He

Haiwu He – Chief Scientist, Co-founder

Pr Haiwu HE is a 100 Talent Professor at the CNIC (Computer Network Information Center), Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. He is a Chunhui Scholar of Ministry of Education of China since 2013. Prof. Haiwu HE received his M. Sc. and Ph. D. degrees in computing from the University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille, France, respectively in 2002 and 2005. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Inria Saclay, France in 2007. He was a research engineer expert at Inria Rhone-Alpes in Lyon, France from 2008 to 2014. He has published about 30 refereed journal and conference papers. His research interest covers P2P distributed system, Cloud computing, BigData.

Oleg Lodygensky

Oleg Lodygensky – Technical Leader

Dr. Oleg LODYGENSKY is a CNRS senior research engineer at LAL/CNRS, located at Paris XI, France. Oleg is the main developper of  XtremWeb-HEP, the open-source software for Desktop Grid computing used in production at Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics. He introduced many concepts and technical innovations to XtremWeb-HEP, including virtualization, bridging with Grid infrastructure, volunteer Cloud, data-driven Desktop Grid, security in trusted/untrusted environment, user/application/data right management, etc. Oleg has been graduated PhD from University Paris XI.


Mircea Moca – Business Developer,Fintech Expert  

Dr. Mircea Moca is Associated Professor at the Babeș-Bolyai University, România, where he received his Ph.D. in 2010. He followed a doctoral internship in 2010 and a postdoctoral internship in 2012 at INRIA, ENS-Lyon France. His research interests are in distributed computing and recently in cryptocurrency. He participated at the development and validation of the MapReduce implementation for Volunteer Computing environments. He developed a user satisfaction and multi-criteria scheduler for hybrid distributed computing infrastructures. He currently leads the initiative of building and validating E-FAST, a distributed platform for providing advanced decision support services for small investors on the financial markets.


Mehdi Amari – Blockchain Developer  

After practicing coding at Ecole 42 in Paris, Mehdi specialized himself in Blockchain system architecture. Then, he has led the development of several Proof of Concepts for large companies in Lajavaness, a french digital innovation accelerator. He is also actively involved in the development of the Blockchain ecosystem.


Hamid Ben – Blockchain Expert  

Abdelhamid Benyahia is a digital strategist and Blockchain expert at La Javaness. After having built his own startup and helping entrepreneurs realise their own cutting-edge projects, he now works on applying Blockchain to use cases, doing POCs (Proof of Concepts), and strategic analysis for both big corporate companies and startups.


José Francisco Saray – Data Management Expert  

Jose Francisco Sary is a Data management expert in the team. After having finished his Master’s degree in University of Lyon, he now works on applying data management to use cases,and Bigdata analysis for the institutes and enterprises.


Heithem Abbes – Energy Positive Server  

Heithem Habbes is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the FST (Faculté des sciences de Tunis) and a member of the LaTICE research laboratory. His research involves distributed systems, particularly grid and Cloud systems. He is working on Green computing as well for Energy positive equipements. For this project, Heithem will develop the Energy Positive Server, that will allow to execute micro-services at a very low cost.


Julien Béranger – Communication & Content  

Julien Béranger is in charge of the communication and content. He graduated in Chinese Studies at the French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations and taught Chinese language for five years. He discovered Bitcoin and blockchain techs in April 2013 and worked as a Community Outreach Officer for an iOS payment app and a community currency. In June 2014, he joined OpenClassrooms marketing team, the leading e-learning platform in Europe. He wrote various articles about smart contracts’ design ( and Ethereum France). He’s also co-founder of Abie Fund, a nonprofit DAO project.


Agnès Fedak – Press, Video & Community Manager  

Agnès Fedak is involved in the promotion of on social networks. Agnès is a video artist, independent editor, video installation designer, documentary and scientific filmmaker, cultural and artistic mediator, trainer. Works and creates in Brussels and Geneva.