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We are Pioneers of Cloud Decentralization

We are striving to develop the best technologies and to invent new protocols that will bring decentralization economy for everyone.

Meet the Team

The core iExec team is composed of seasoned scientists, who have been joined by outstanding hackers and top-notch marketers.

Executive Team

Gilles Fedak PhD
CEO, Co-founder
Entrepreneur and researcher in parallel and distributed systems.
Haiwu He PhD
Head of Asian-Pacific Region.
Oleg Lodygensky PhD
Research-engineer, expert in ditributed computing
Jean-Charles Cabelguen PhD
Chief Innovation & Adoption
Go-to-market strategies and international marketing.

Business Team

Eric Rodriguez
Product Manager
HPC and GPU expert, partnerships manager.
Victor Bonhomme
Asset Manager
Deal with all topics related to asset management at iExec
Wassim Bendella
Blockchain Business Developer
Partnerships manager, marketing strategist, growth hacker.
Baptiste Castiglione
Growth Hacker
Project Manager, implementing growth strategy for fast scaling of Blockchain user bases.
Marion Fessaguet
Office Manager
Operations manager, human resources, accounting, logistics.
Lorenzo Nardiello
Blockchain Product Manager
Blockchain enthusiast and innovative product maker
Claudine Daumur
UX/UI Designer
User research, product and visual design.

Tech Team

Lei Zhang PhD
Head of Security
Cloud computing security, trusted execution environment (TEE).
Remi Burgel
Blockchain Developper
Smart contract and blockchain interfaces developper
Jérémy Toussaint
Backend Engineer
Architectural Design & Development
Pierre Jeanjacquot
Full-Stack Engineer
Backend and frontend applications developer.
Damien Mure
DevSecOps Engineer
CI/CD, AWS architecture & automation, ISSP management
Zied Guesmi
DevOps Engineer
Middleware development and deployment automation.
Anthony Simonet-Boulogne PhD
Research Scientist
Scientific projects and academic collaborations

CM Team

Blair Maclennan
International Community Manager
Community and social media management, content production.
Colan Chen
Chinese Community Manager
Chinese community manager and content editor.
Jae Seo Kang
Korean Community Manager
Korean community manager and content editor.

Our Values

We have four simple principles that we strive for in our team.



Blockchain is more than a technology. We’re building the infrastructure for decentralized economy.



We’re inventors of the distributed world. Our software, protocols and algorithms are the foundations for a new Internet.



Internet is hurting the planet. It’s up to us to bring the revolution that will make our digital world sustainable.



We stand for the liberty for everyone to create, innovate, and contribute to a better world.


Participate in the great adventure of blockchain, decentralization and cryptocurrencies. Check out our open positions.