The Platform that brings you Decentralization

iExec develops open-source libraries and tools that allow your projects to take full advantage of the decentralized Cloud.

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Powering the New Generation of Applications

iExec can support applications within a wide range of fields, from High Performance Computing to Internet-of-Things. By being an open market, iExec encourages competition amongst the providers, which leads to lower computation costs and to increased quality-of-service.

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By providing on-demand access to cloud computing resources, iExec supports compute-intensive applications in fields such as AI, big data, healthcare, rendering, or FinTech.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning requires heavy computing power when training the models. iExec will support the most popular frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano, Torch.

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iExec’s consensus protocol for off-chain compute combined with confidential computing, offer a powerful toolkit for DeFi developers. Use the most secure decentralized oracles possible!

iExec can help scientists to address the Grand Challenges applications such as climate modeling, drug design, high-energy physics, or astronomy.

Investors are striving for new methods that optimize the management of their assets’ portfolio. Prediction, clusterization, and risk evaluation often rely on algorithms that need to run as fast as possible.

Computer graphic generated images is a large industry that consumes a gigantic amount of computing power. iExec will offer better price/performance ratio.

Many cryptographic functions (zk proof, homomorphic computation, MPC) are too compute-intensive to run on the blockchain. iExec can supplement Ethereum by executing those functions off-chain.

More and more devices are connected to the Internet. A new form of decentralized infrastructure is required to efficiently handle the data generated by these devices.

The Decentralized Cloud

Our architecture makes it possible to have a network of computing resources that are used to execute distributed applications.

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Developer? We Have You Covered

We provide you the Software Development Kit containing the tools and Smart Contract libraries to start. Soon, your application will be available through the Ethereum blockchain and earn you your very first RLC tokens.

Become a Resource Provider and Earn RLC Tokens

When you join iExec as a Resource Provider you can earn money by renting your computing resources. You can apply as an Application, Server or Data Provider.

App Provider

Your algorithms can change the world! Ship your application to iExec and join the blockchain-based application store.

Server Provider

No more CPU cycle wasted! You can make the most of your unused servers by joining the network and renting them.

Data Provider

Data are the new gold! Monetize datasets usage and open new markets for your information.