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Web3 is the future. If you’re interested in utilizing this bleeding-edge technology to accelerate your business, we can help. Having developed our own Web3 infrastructure combining Blockchain and Confidential Computing, we’re experts on solutions requiring trust, confidentiality, and governance. From ideation to implementation, we’ll be with you at each step of your journey into Web3.

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Facing a challenge in your business and think blockchain is the answer? Our team will help you identify, design, and build the best solution for your business.


Web3 offers a new set of opportunities and challenges for businesses. Develop blockchain expertise for you and your colleagues. Empower your team to be able to run a blockchain solution. Our trainings equip your team with knowledge and skills. We can teach you everything from simply understanding fundamental concepts all the way to blockchain maintenance.

Blockchain fundamentals

Technical implementation principles

Technologies landscape and trends

Case studies

Use cases for your industries


Imagine how Web3 can be leveraged to create value for your business. During our dedicated Design Thinking Workshops, your team, our experts, and facilitator dig into your challenges and requirements to transform ideas into functional actions.

A development proposal

Following the meeting, we build an implementation plan that includes the requirements, best technical architecture, budget, and timeline.


– How can blockchain enable a privacy-preserving reward platform for green mobility?
– How to use blockchain to ensure privacy and confidentiality in remote identification verification processes?
– How to share data with third parties while keeping full governance with blockchain?


Have a Web3 project you need help building? We can help with a thorough analysis of your business needs and technical requirements, then mobilize our agile development team to build and deploy your new product, service, or platform.

Turning ideas into Actions

Together with your team, we develop a POC to demonstrate and validate the utility of blockchain for your company’s services and your information system assets.

Production Grade Developments

Having developed our own Web3 infrastructure combining Blockchain and Confidential Computing, we give you access to the highest level of expertise to build, maintain and operate your blockchain product in production.


– Deploy a blockchain infrastructure to certify data integrity in the 4.0 industry
– Create a blockchain-based solution for trading transport services in a secure way
– Implement a trusted and private environment based on blockchain to share AI models while keeping ownership over them.

You don’t have to manage a blockchain infrastructure to get all the benefits of blockchain.
We leverage our stack to provide you with a fully managed ledger, coupled with a secured off-chain computing environment. Accelerate the development of your Web3 application while remaining as hands-off as possible.

Web3 Infrastructure

Core Features


Consensus Model

Off-chain Computing

Support Licence


iExec Sidechain
(Open Ethereum)

Proof Of Authority

Fully managed by iExec
Shared or dedicated



iExec Sidechain
(Open Ethereum)

Proof Of Authority




(Open Ethereum)

Depending on your requirement

Fully managed by iExec



We have developed our own infrastructure based on the Ethereum blockchain to provide trust, security, and governance. Transactions that occur on the infrastructure are traceable, transparent, secure, and auditable. Users have full control over the governance rules.

Confidential Computing

We ensure that data remains totally confidential during processing. This means no one can access, copy, or tamper with it. How? By using Intel SGX hardware enclaves as Trusted Execution Environments (TEE). Data is encrypted, and the hardware enclaves protect data being used by applications while they run on host machines.

Support Licence

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Onboarding & Training

We explain complex subjects simply, in a way you'll understand, and we equip your team with hands-on instruction and upskilling at the iExec protocol layer (Also available as a separate service).

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Customer Success

The Customer Success Manager is your trusted advisor. They are intimately familiar with your processes and identify best practices necessary to scale your success. Additionally, the CSM uncovers new use cases and helps solve complex problems. They track KPIs, collaborate with cross-functional leaders, and provide your business with a seamless experience.

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Technical Support

Our technical support assists with technical issues or questions relating to the iExec tech stack. We identify issues and find solutions to quickly resolve pain points so users get the assistance they need to answer questions and overcome problems. Our service has global coverage and can scale in complexity according to your needs.


Interested in learning more about how iExec can generate value for your business?