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iexec joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance!

Partnership announcement: Signals on top of iExec V1

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Partnership announcement: Signals on top of iExec V1

Partnership announcement: Signals on top of iExec V1

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Open Position: The First PhD Topic on Ethereum/iExec in Collaboration with the LORIA Lab in Nancy

Topic: « Large Scale Emulation of Blockchain-based Distributed Systems » Blockchains is becoming increasingly important as a core component of distributed systems. It provides the trust layer that allows direct interaction between peers. Therefore, blockchain could be used as a middleware to coordinate various components of distributed systems and implement various tasks such as payment, … Continued

24 November, 2017

RLC Airdrop Performed Using iExec

To celebrate our Disruptive Innovation Trophy at France Digitale Day 2017, we decided to offer our community some RLC tokens. Those of you who filled in our form were promised an RLC airdrop. This exclusive and exceptional campaign specifically targeted our closest followers, to invite those who don’t possess RLC yet to install a wallet … Continued

22 November, 2017

Partnership announcement: Signals on top of iExec V1

iExec is thrilled to announce a partnership with Signals! It is the first announcement of a dapp running on iExec v1 (aka “The Wanderer”). The upcoming Dapp Store will list all decentralized applications running on top of iExec. Projects built on top of iExec will have to use RLC tokens to access off-chain computing resources.   … Continued

16 November, 2017

iExec at SC’17, Denver, USA

SC’17 (Super Computing 2017) is the premier international conference showcasing the many ways high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis and lead to advances in scientific discovery, research, education and commerce. The annual event, created and sponsored by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and the IEEE Computer Society, attracts HPC professionals and educators from … Continued

14 November, 2017

Devcon3 Keynote: The Wanderer is out!

Here’s Gilles Fedak’s keynote at Devcon3. The first stable version of iExec SDK is out. It’s the Wanderer Edition. Try the Katacoda tutorial to get the feeling of how iExec works. 😉

9 November, 2017

Towards a Decentralized Marketplace of Cloud Resource

Journal du Net is one of the biggest players in the French tech media scene. 9 mln readers visit the website monthly, looking the latest trends and developments. JDN’s newsletter of the 27th of October featured an interesting article on a future marketplace of cloud resources. The article raised the following question: can a cloud … Continued

1 November, 2017

iExec Post-Devcon AMA Session Announcement

iExec is launching the very first version of its SDK in a few days and we want to share all details about it with the whole community. At iExec, we’re building a marketplace for computation resources. One needs RLC tokens to access the resources of the Decentralized Cloud, in other words users and applications providers pay in RLC … Continued

27 October, 2017
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