The Web3 Marketplace

Build Web3 apps.
Trade computing assets.
Preserve ownership and privacy.

Build the future of Web3 Marketing

With our Privacy-Enhanced Marketing tools, build apps that allow direct marketing in web3 while preserving privacy and data ownership.

How It Works

Trust. Confidentiality. Governance. We built our infrastructure with these tenents in mind. By combining blockchain and confidential computing, we’re helping to build the next generation of the Internet, where resource providers connect with resource users.

For Developers

Building a Web3 project? We can help. Our Developer Rewards program offers you up to 1M USD in bounties and grants and our infrastructure and products will help power up your ideas.

For Providers

You have assets that can be monetized. Perhaps you have extra computing power you’d like to rent out. Maybe you’ve built an application or a dataset someone could use. Our marketplace enables you to get paid for your computing assets, all while you retain ownership and privacy.

For Requesters

Purchase on-demand, unlimited computing power for your applications. Access data to train your models in a trusted network. Access innovative applications to solve industry-specific problems.

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The iExec Token: RLC

The iExec marketplace uses RLC to conduct transactions. Users trade computing assets by exchanging RLC.


Make the most of Web3 with our innovative products and infrastructure.

Web3 Marketplace

The new paradigm for computing assets. Trade these assets on a global market, just like any other commodity.

Oracle Factory

Just because oracles are essential doesn't mean they have to be complex. Use your browser to create a custom oracle. There's no coding experience necessary!

Confidential Computing

iExec's Web3 infrastructure combines blockchain and Confidential Computing help you build projects while preserving privacy and ownership.

iExec SDK

Sidestep Ethereum scalability issues. Access our CLI and JS libraries to execute ‘off-chain’ computations via the iExec decentralized cloud.

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