The Blockchain-based Decentralized Marketplace for Computing Assets

The iExec Marketplace connects resource providers with resource users, allowing anyone to monetize or rent computing power, datasets, and applications.

The iExec Oracle Factory

Create your own oracles from scratch, in minutes, and directly from your browser. No specialized blockchain or coding knowledge needed!

The First Decentralized Marketplace for Computing Assets

A innovative market network where everyone can monetize their computing power, datasets, and applications.


For Developers

As a Developer, you can use iExec to overcome blockchain limitations, by executing your computations on a new distributed infrastructure.


For Providers

As a Provider, you can rent out your machine’s computing power, monetizing it by executing tasks for applications.


For Token Holders

As a token holder, you can get into the world of crypto-economy by trading your RLC tokens whenever you want.

The iExec Token: RLC

RLC is the native token of the iExec cloud platform. In exchange for RLC tokens, users can utilize the network to rent servers, data and applications.


Scaling blockchain applications with open-source software and protocols.


iExec Marketplace

iExec introduces a new paradigm for computing assets, that can now be traded on a global market, just like any other commodity. These assets increase in value while being available for anyone to use.


iExec SDK

iExec offers CLI and JS libraries for developers. Execute ‘off-chain’ computations through the iExec decentralized cloud and overcome Ethereum scalability issues.


Dapp Store

Decentralized applications powered by iExec are featured on the Dapp Store. Developers can monetize their dapps and increase their visibility, while users can execute these applications thanks to the marketplace.


Data Wallet

Data providers can monetize their valuable datasets or AI models datasets with the highest level of security.