The Developer Rewards Program

iExec offers funding to inspire developers to discover the opportunities for innovation made possible with the iExec protocol. The program offers both quickly claimable rewards for application developers, as well as long-term grants available for more ambitious projects.

How We Support You

The Developer Rewards Program was launched in 2021 with the purpose of supporting high impact projects and builders to grow the iExec ecosystem.




Received in 2022


Projects Awarded
in 2022

What we are seeking to fund

iExec is always on the lookout for innovative initiatives that align with our mission and values. Currently, we are particularly interested in supporting projects that focus on the following areas.

Privacy Preserving Dapps using TEE computation

Projects prioritizing privacy and security, using technologies such as confidential computing to protect sensitive data and enable secure computation.

Dapps built on-top of iExec products

Open source projects powered by our products to build new DApps or add functionality to existing ones.

Open Source Infrastructure for iExec Ecosystem

Projects focusing on building and maintaining open source infrastructure for the iExec Ecosystem. This could include but are not limited to core blockchain technology, developer tools, and resources to support iExec Ecosystem growth and adoption.

iExec Products Integration

Projects that enhances the interoperability between iExec products and existing web3 products. This includes, but is not limited to, building API interfaces, no-code solutions, and integration that contribute to the growth and development of the iExec ecosystem.

Our Grant Tracks

The Developer Rewards Program offers two distinct Grant tracks for prospective projects. 
The Fast Grant track is designed for those looking to quickly test their ideas or integration on iExec and earn rewards for their efforts. The Advanced Grant Track is geared towards larger projects seeking to build a comprehensive infrastructure.

Fast Grant Track

up to $8,000 Rewards in RLC

Advanced Grant Track

up to $100,000 Rewards in RLC

Fast Grant Track

up to $8,000 Rewards in RLC

Advanced Grant Track

up to $100,000 Rewards in RLC

The Grant’s GuideBook

This document serves as a comprehensive guide for those interested in applying to the Developer Rewards Program. It aims to provide applicants and teams with a thorough understanding of the program and the application process.

developer reward illustration

Our Bounty Program

iExec Bounty Seasons offer a unique opportunity for developers to contribute to the iExec ecosystem by completing various technical tasks and earning rewards. These bounties are opened twice a year.



Who is eligible to apply for the iExec grant program?

The iExec grant program is open to anyone, including individuals, teams, and organizations.

Can for-profit organizations apply for the iExec grant program?

Yes, for-profit organizations are eligible to apply.

Does my project need to be open source?

Yes, your project must be open-source to be eligible for the iExec Grant Program.

Are there any geographical or jurisdictional limitations for the iExec Grant program?

No, there are no geographical or jurisdictional limitations for the iExec Grant program.

Application Process

I submitted a project application. When will I receive feedback?

A review of your submission should be given within a week.

Can I get an upfront payment?

No, Grant’s payment is unlocked upon Milestone’s delivery.

Can I apply on my own or do I need a team?

Both individual developers and teams can apply for the iExec Grant program.

I am not sure which track is the right choice for me - can I get some assistance and guidance?

Yes, iExec provides assistance and guidance to help applicants determine which track is best suited for their project. Please ask our team members on our Discord Channel.

Funding & Resources

What kind of support and resources are available to iExec Grant recipients?

iExec provides technical and business support, access to the iExec community, and networking opportunities to grant recipients.

Is it possible to move to the Advanced track if my Fast track application is successful?

Yes, you can move to the Grant Advanced Track once you complete the Fast Track.

Are there any restrictions on how the grant funds can be used?

Grant funds must be used for project development expenses and cannot be used for personal expenses. 

Project Success

How is project success measured in the iExec Grant program?

Project success is measured by achieving the milestones outlined in the grant application and demonstrating progress towards the project’s goals.

What happens if a project fails to meet its goals or milestones outlined in the grant application?

If a project fails to meet its goals or milestones, iExec will work with the project team to address the issue and may adjust the funding amount accordingly.


Can grant recipients share their work publicly or do they need to maintain confidentiality until completion?

Grant recipients are encouraged to share their work publicly, but may need to maintain confidentiality until completion if required by the project.