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IBM Joins iExec as a Cloud Provider


IBM Joins iExec as a Cloud Provider


A Unique Way to Access All Computing Resources

All resource providers accept RLC tokens as a mean of payment making the usage of the iExec network simple for everyone.

A State-of-the-Art Cryptocurrency

RLC stands for “Run on Lots of Computers”. RLC is a cryptocurrency that provides standard and secure payments.

Buy Tokens Store Tokens

Buying RLC Tokens Is as Simple as It Should Be

There are several exchange platforms from which you can buy RLC tokens right now. Have a look at some of them and read our blog post to get more details on how to proceed with buying.

iExec RLC (RLC) $ 0.000000 USD
0.00000000 BTC
0.00000000 ETH
Rank 00
Market Cap $00.00 M USD

You can also buy or spend RLC using Visa.

RLC Is User-Friendly

RLC tokens have never been easier to use. They can be stored on a wide plethora of devices and applications. Solutions go from hardware wallets such Ledger, to mobile wallets such as imToken. RLC is supported by: Jaxx, MyEtherWallet (MEW), and Metamask.

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